social human

Social Human is a digital agency founded in 2013 on the city of Panama. We are a innovative agency and our mission y to deliver a personalized focus for digital marketing that combines creativity, data and technology.

We believe a solid association with our clients is key, which allows us to really understand your business, audience and objectives. We find simple solutions to complex challenges and we put a strong emphasis on every detail, from creativity to design to code.
People choose every day with their wallets, their time, clicks, messages and tweets. That is why for us this is not simply a job. The campaigns we create, the ideas we execute, the platforms we build, all of those are thought to drive your business to a greater digital efficiency.

Whether you need to create a new website, dazzling content for social media or set up a new marketing channel for advertising, we approach each of our projects with strategic thinking to create great ideas and convert them into fresh digital experiences.